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"Seasonal Musings"

Every month or two, Salt Lake City-based wealth management firm, Five Seasons Financial Planning, produces an e-newsletter, "Seasonal Musings", which typically contains 2 or 3 articles covering a wide variety of financial planning and investment topics.  We hope you find these back issues educational, informative and entertaining.  If you'd like to receive future issues, please add your e-mail address in the box below. 

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  • March 2016 Newsletter

    Topics: new Social Security claiming rules; online retirement calculators.
  • January 2016 Newsletter

    Topics: supercharging your Roth contributions; the financial markets' current obsession with the price of oil.
  • October 2015 Newsletter

    Topics: the financial planning implications of Washington's new budget deal; how closed-end fund discounts narrow.
  • September 2015 Newsletter

    Topics: the 401k rollover decision in the current market environment; trends in Medicare premiums and Social Security benefits.
  • June 2015 Newsletter

    Topics: the shortcomings of target-date mutual funds; how low interest rates are supporting stock markets; Wall Street's lobbying efforts to block fiduciary financial advice.
  • April 2015 Newsletter

    Topics: the increasing use of target-date mutual funds in retirement plans; the debate whether all financial advisors should adhere to a fiduciary standard of conduct.
  • February 2015 Newsletter

    Topics: the "MyRA"; the trend toward paternalism among retirement plan regulators and sponsors, and why this is a positive development.
  • October 2014 Newsletter

    Topics: recent developments in the financial markets; the DJIA as a stock market indicator; connecting on LinkedIn.
  • September 2014 Newsletter

    Topics: factors to consider in the retirement plan account-to-Rollover IRA decision.
  • July 2014 Newsletter

    Topics: a primer on "longevity insurance" and a discussion of the Treasury's recent ruling allowing it in retirement accounts; Wall Street's opposition to the fiduciary standard in financial advice.
  • May 2014 Newsletter

    Topics: a review of the year to date in financial markets; financial advisors misrepresenting themselves as "Fee-Only".
  • April 2014 Newsletter

    Topics: ways to maximize IRA contributions; how financial advisors can add value.
  • February 2014 Newsletter

    Topics: a summary of 2013 tax hikes; ways to reduce your tax bill; Health Savings Accounts (HSA's); 457 plans.
  • January 2014 Newsletter

    Topics: the current state of corporate and public pension plans; investment opportunities in the municipal bond market. 
  • October 2013 Newsletter

    Topics: how and why to seek out a "Fee-Only" financial advisor; Social Security cost-of-living adjustments.
  • September 2013 Newsletter

    Topics: closed-end mutual funds; the sexiness of saving; the difference between investment advisors and brokers.
  • July 2013 Newsletter

    Topics: a review of financial markets in the second quarter; avoiding traps in the bond markets.
  • June 2013 Newsletter

    Topics: ways to minimize college expenses; surprising facts about tuition costs. 
  • April 2013 Newsletter

    Topics: portfolio rebalancing in the current market environment (Part 2); strategies for putting money to work.
  • February 2013 Newsletter
    Topics: portfolio rebalancing in the current market environment (Part 1).
  • November 2012 Newsletter

    Topics: the "Fiscal Cliff"; tax law changes for 2013.
  • October 2012 Newsletter

    Topics: the sorry state of the investment advisory profession; alternative investments.
  • June 2012 Newsletter

    Topics: perspective on recent developments in the financial markets. 
  • April 2012 Newsletter

    Topics: research condemning commission-based investment advice; the poor performance of actively-managed mutual funds.
  • November 2011 Newsletter

    Topics: maintaining your investment perspective; an Ameriprise irony.
  • August 2011 Newsletter

    Topic: our response to the recent market downdraft. 
  • July 2011 Newsletter

    Topic: the debt ceiling negotiations.
  • April 2011 Newsletter

    Topics: tax-free exchanges from annuiites to long-term care insurance; the role of bonds in this market environment.
  • February 2011 Newsletter

    Topics: the recent divergence in asset class returns; when to file for Social Security; the benefits of Health Savings Accounts. 
  • October 2010 Newsletter

    Topics: debt management; conversions to Roth retirement plan accounts; the benefits of integrated financial planning. 
  • August 2010 Newsletter

    Topics: tips for mortgage refinancing; the fight for a fiduciary standard for financial advisors. 
  • May 2010 Newsletter
    Topics: should you convert to a Roth?; improvements to the Utah 529; the bright side of the Euro crisis.
  • March 2010 Newsletter
    Topics: planning for higher taxes; the danger of chasing past performance; financial rules of thumb.
  • December 2009 Newsletter
    Topics: the fiduciary standard revisited; sources for objective financial advice; the outlook for bond fund returns; current mortgage rates. 
  • October 2009 Newsletter

    Topics: Target-date funds revisited; pension payout options; defined benefit plans for small business owners; an NYU study on hedge fund compliance. 

  • August 2009 Newsletter

    Topics: target date funds; a review of financial advisor certifications.

  • June 2009 Newsletter

    Topics: the importance of trust in the delivery of financial services.

  • May 2009 Newsletter

    Topics: a review of stock market performance during the Great Depression; the importance of the fiduciary standard to financial consumers.

  • March 2009 Newsletter

    Topics: academic advice on weathering the storm; signs of life in the economy; the importance of rebalancing.

  • January 2009 Newsletter

    Topics: converting IRA's to Roths; lessons from the Madoff scandal; recent market developments. 

  • December 2008 Newsletter

    Topics: the relationship between the level of economic activity and stock market returns.

  • October 2008 Newsletter

    Topics: the current attractive valuation of the stock and bond markets.

  • September 2008 Newsletter

    Topics: changes in the tax treatment of real estate; positive developments in the 403(b) landscape.

  • June 2008 Newsletter

    Topics: hidden 401(k) fees; predictions of a markat crash; a new IRS ruling on the "wash sale" rule.

  • April 2008 Newsletter
    Topics: the tax drag of actively managed mutual funds; the benefits of portfolio rebalancing; a client in the news.
  • February 2008 Newsletter
    Topics: the importance of investment time horizon; FSFP in the SL Tribune; changes to the capital gains tax laws.
  • December 2007 Newsletter
    Topics: closed-end bond funds; changes to the "kiddie tax" law.
  • November 2007 Newsletter
    Topics: recent developments in the municipal bond market; year-end tax tips.
  • October 2007 Newsletter
    Topics: well-designed annuities; third-quarter equity returns; the perils of financial sensationalism.
  • September 2007 Newsletter
    Topics: the role of annuities in a retirement portfolio; how to unclutter your lives.
  • August 2007 Newsletter
    Topics: the role of Treasury Bonds in a diversified portfolio; becoming a CFA charterholder; Five Seasons in the news.
  • July 2007 Newsletter
    Topics: the Fiduciary Standard of RIAs; the re-emergence of large-cap tech stocks.
  • June 2007 Newsletter
    Topics: the "Yield Bubble".
  • May 2007 Newsletter
    Topics: Tax-Efficient Stock Investing; The Demise of Fee-Based Broker Accounts; How to Find Honest Investment Advice.
  • April 2007 Newsletter
    Topics: Roth 401(k) Contributions; The Demise of the "Merrill Lynch" Rule; Media Attention for Five Seasons.
  • March 2007 Newsletter
    Topics: ABC's of Roth 401(k)'s; Directly Depositing Tax Refunds.
  • February 2007 Newsletter
    Topics: Investing Without Emotion; College Funding With an Open Mind.
  • January 2007 Newsletter
    Topics: Helping You Save for College; Working With an Investment Professional.
  • December 2006 Newsletter
    Topics: Growth vs. Value Stocks; Recent Changes in the Tax Code
  • November 2006 Newsletter
    Topics: Utah's 529 plan; Fee-Only vs. fee-based advice.
  • October 2006 Newsletter
    Topics: Third quarter stock market review; Investment outlook.
  • September 2006 Newsletter
    Topics: Pension plans; Real estate markets; 529 plans.

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